For those critical of the slow down

I understand the criticism because it didn’t work

But it would have worked if we hit some free throws

So the strategy was sound. Execution was not.

I actually agree with you. I’m not so sure that it was a bad choice to try and slow down. In fact, it’s a skill that they will want/need to learn how to do well moving forward, especially considering how good our defense is. We can drastically cut possessions by the other team that way.

Honestly, I just thought Auburn did a fantastic job of keeping its cool after we went up 11. They just quietly chipped away at the lead. I think they got an easy layup and then another, which cut the lead to like 7. I remember thinking at the time that we gave up those early points pretty easily.

I think this loss was a combination of being gassed and being surprised that Auburn didn’t lose its composure when we went up 11 late in the game. Usually, we’re on the other side of that coin.

Edit: I should add that our guys played, as usual, with a lot of guts and heart. They may not be the best Razorback team, but they are the most enjoyable team I’ve seen in a while.

Just my humble opinion.

Coach Muss hoards timeouts. Why not just use them to rest his players?

Definitely agree with this. He is going to have to adapt/evolve a bit on his timeout policy. There were a few times when I thought a timeout could have really helped the team gather itself–particularly when it looked like Jones was about to get T’d up for talking to the refs. At that point, Jones’s legs looked like they were clad in irons.

If you can dribble and rest it’s better because you eat clock.

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