For those concerned about how we are playing poorly coming into the post-season, a history note

Yeah, Ill grant you that our last 3 weeks have not been our best baseball of the season. And we will need to play better if we want to get to Omaha, much less make noise if we do. Still, we’ve gone 4-5 in that stretch, against some very good teams (ALL of them will be in the NCAA Tournament).

That said, we have a history of playing much worse than this and then making a strong run to Omaha.

Consider the 2009 team, which started the season 24-6 with wins over then #1 Arizona State, but then went 8-14 the rest of the regular season. before streaking to a 5-0 NCAAT record (all on the road, by the way) to get to Omaha, where they finished in a tie for 3rd.

And then there was 2012, when we jetted off to a 22-3 record before enduring an extended stretch of very mediocre baseball (13-14) before sweeping our last series of the season. Still, we went a quick 0-2 in Hoover before turning it around (again, all on the road) with a 5-1 path to Omaha, where we once again finished tied for 3rd (thanks to Perry Costello . . . but that’s another story).

The point is that the post-season is, indeed, another season separate from the regular season, and even when it appears that we may not be playing well coming into the tournament, history shows we can and have been very effective. Also, this year’s “mini-slump” really doesn’t register when compared to other major rough-patches prior Razorback teams have endured and still ended up not only in Omaha, but competing at a very high level there.