For those complaining about the officials and their calls...

The main one is the PI call that people claim was un-catchable. Best case
it was defensive holding and thats a automatic 1st down. If you didn’t see
the handful of jersey he had then I’m guessing we were watching two
different games. Maybe the missed wheel route where our receiver was
being held was a bad missed call. But we got away with a decent hold on
one of our TD plays too.

The WORST by far of any call was the one that called the TA&M QB out
of bounds and blew the whistle dead. Hands down, there can be no doubt
that was a touchdown. Was I happy they got screwed? You bet your a$$
I was!! Heres the catch though…

I told my buddies, after that call, any calls that could be considered judgment
or 50-50 calls, will now go in favor of A&M to make up for it, and I didn’t see
anything that didn’t hold true to that thought.

That’s the problem I have with it. They missed a called and spent the rest of the day making up for it. But that’s typical for us.

100% spot on, Votan

While I saw some missed calls, I really didn’t think it was a big factor in the game.

The issues that are bigger than the calls were the wasting of almost 2 minutes before the half instead of working the ball down the field and maybe getting some points and the pooch kickoff near the end of regulation rather than just kicking it out of the end zone. Both of those are coach’s calls.

the call on Curl in OT was HUGE. It would have been fourth down, and the Aggies would have tried a FG. Instead, the call gave them new life and they promptly tossed a TD.

Huge effect!

Of course not. Nah. The Curl call was nothing. I’ve never seen a targeting PF completely overturned either. No biggie. Gotta fight through those complete game changers and be at least 10 points better than everyone you play in order to win.

And that’s the deal. They can do all the flea flickers and throwbacks they want but at some point you have to stop coaching not to lose. You have to go win.

He didn’t go for anything at end of half because he didn’t trust his defense. They see that. It’s part of the problem.

He’s too conservative when it matters. Same thing with trotting Hedlund out against TCU. He’s afraid to go against the book, anymore and is a bad gameday coach.

When you design a program to play close games pretty much all the time but you and your staff and players do t execute in those games you’re asking for a 26-28 record.