For those asking about Longhorn Network

I can confirm that I was able to get it in a trial subscription of PlayStation Vue. I had a subscription in the past, but was able to get a five day trial by using my wife’s email and info

Doc I didn’t see the LN in any of their packages,are you sure they have it?

I followed your advice and signed up last night for the trial. It says you can have up to 5 simultaneous streams, so even if you’re just using the trial, you can share the login info with someone if need be (I won’t tell).

I always assumed the simulatneous streams are out of your modem, not from the network. So, you can have five TVs in your house all watching the same show at the same time using one streaming account. Is “assume” making an “a$$ out of you and me”…again?

I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking, but last night my brother and I tested it out. He was streaming LHN from his house in Norman and I from mine in Columbia, both from my trial account. I think it is just 5 different streams playing at once using one set of login credentials, regardless of location (within the U.S.).

It is on DirecTV

Econ, check your PM Inbox… :smiley:

I just signed up and its working good…Glad I will be able to see the games.

Thanks Doc…worked fine for me…and no freeze-ups like via my Xfinity connection.

It’s channel 611 on UVerse.

I found it interesting that their announcers were discussing national rankings and where Texas belonges; they all agreed that they have a great resume’…this while they were trailing the Razorbacks by a score of 11-0.

I really enjoyed the announcers…two former Horn players from the SWC days and both played in the SHOW. Much better than the ESPN guys who broadcast our games in the CWS. One poll evidently has Texas ranked 4th…they all agreed too high and laughed about how many college bases polls there are. They were fair to the Hogs and showed great respect to DVH.