For the referee conspiracy crowd

Amen to refs are human, don’t blame them, if you blame anybody blame video review.


I think that’s probably the better practice. I’m all for replay on those things already reviewable, but I don’t want to spend 30 secs-1 minute reviewing virtually every call or non-call.

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Agree don’t want to see replays on PI they can’t get what they replay now no way I would trust them on those calls. And the games are long enough.

The replay booth is watching and reviewing every play and maybe that has put a false since of security with coaches on the sidelines. I assume the replay booth official is supposed to communicate to the on field Ref on critical reviewable plays like the Auburn kick off against O M. Or is it the other way around always.

Do they list their mailing address, phone number, and email? :wink:

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Well this is what people need to understand. In an important game against a ranked team that would’ve been called pass interference and it would have been the correct call.

And if called correctly would not have altered the outcome of the game.

Unlike the mess at Auburn.


Very true. But that is just the circumstance of the game. Has the game been tied the call still occurs and it was the wrong call. It’s not like the refs said oh well the game is out of reach so it doesn’t really matter if we make the wrong call. However in the Auburn game it was important to get it right which they clearly didn’t do. But they didn’t even look at it in this situation I presume because it didn’t matter to them and they were just trying to get the game over with. That’s just the nature of close games or games with high importance. those calls are seen under a microscope if they are even slightly biased. I think indirectly the original poster just pointed out the fact that bad calls are made and some of them go in our favor.

That is all true. You get a break now and then but it was not remotely close to the breaks Auburn got against ole miss and Arkansas.


That call versus the Auburn robbery? Really we get a bunch of calls? Name game deciding calls where the other team is screaming weeks later that they got cheated? I’ll wait and that call didn’t decide the game. Can’t for the life of me understand how you come on here and want to act we get the same calls that other teams do! I don’t get it.
We lose games and entire crews get a suspension. We lose to Auburn and the rule is plain as day. The change the rule because of it. Then you want to act like we get as many calls as go against us. Whatever

You are talking about apples and oranges. You can NOT review a pass interference penalty or a no call on possible pass interference. The game does not stop and there are no reviews allowed. There is NO review for a bad call on pass interference at the college level. Not possible for them to look at it.

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Well I must have not made my point very clear to you or Dawg. Had it been 4th down, and Auburn had the ball driving on us and that happened and there wasn’t a call, AU would have got screwed. My point is simply that the right call wasn’t made, and it the right circumstance, could have screwed someone over. That circumstance didn’t occur here.

As your point about reviewable - I disagree - I see late flags all the time after conferring, reviewable or not. They could have conferred and thrown a late flag. They chose not to because the game was over.

But again, my point wasn’t what the call should have been. It was whether it was noticed/called. They happen all game long, including in the AU game. If you believe the big difference is replay, well I agree, had they reviewed that play and not called pass interference, it would have been egregious.

I didn’t realize I had such a profound effect on your emotions.

You missed my point, and I’ve tried to clarify for Clay, but the AU call was a bad call. The non-call on PI was a equally bad call. The implications, because of the circumstances, were grossly different. But the calls were both equally bad.

Yes I saw that - when it happened I turned to my wife and said “where is the flag?”

She thinks maybe we are respected and good enough now we are finally getting a home field advantage on ref calls

If true TYSM Sam Pittman because he created that environment - Arkansas isn’t discounted

Then after watching the Ark vs TAMU game this year I conclude that Maybe it’s more Sec Crew incompetence than prejudice

But there is no doubt SEC officials have been prejudice against Arkansas in the past - and recent past look at the Auburn game

Not sure I agree. I will Move on. Not going to change my mind. Your opinion is your opinion. I have no problem with you having that opinion.


somebody identify the bias that should have been evident in ND vs Clemson, both sides benefitted but ND got the OT controversial ruling go their way. Again both sides benefitted which plays into the general theme of the thread about inconsistency of human refs.

You don’t. Not sure why you think that?

My post is about those like you who think you are realist and that we get calls equally to what has been called against us. I mean an entire crew was suspended after our game at Florida. And you want to talk about a close call that was missed that has nothing to do with us beating Tenn. But my emotions are pretty good all the time.

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