For the record

Bobby petrinos four seasons- 34-17
HDNs first four seasons-------- 30-18
Bret bielema four seasons — 25-26

Take that as you will. It will surely offend BBs defense team on this board, but numbers don’t lie. Say what you want about building the team the right way, that’s just a cover up for he doesn’t know how to win in the SEC and needs something to cling on to until he figures it out. Which he won’t, great guy but is in over his head. Someone will be sure to bring up is conference championships at Wisconsin, which is a cop out, because how many has he won in the SEC?

Que the excuses. Here we go.

Coaching ought to be a bottom line business based on wins. Nature of the beast. But these ridiculous buyouts and performance metrics Long has implemented has made it anything but that.

And here we sit. With a far worse athletic program that what Oklahoma State has.

Oklahoma State, the team we used to schedule in the 70s to whip up on before conference play.

Because some do not agree with your scorched earth policy and prefer to see if some stability leads to a better result than a revolving door approach we are BB’s defense team. I have considered that I may not be right, but from your tone, I wonder if you have considered that you might not be right?

I’m not a member of the CBB defense team, whoever that is, because the records speak for themselves. I don’t know if he will ever accomplish enough at this point to satisfy fans. Eight regular-season wins next year won’t be enough. Ten might not be. Anything less than the SEC West championship will not be satisfactory for some. But I do agree with some who think this program needs stability; stability, not mediocrity however those are defined. Since the debacle with HDN, we have had some highs, but a whole lot more lows (from the ditch to the spit). Somehow we need to see enough success on and off the field to bring some stability to the program.

Count me in as one wanting stability. I’m 42. We’ve had 10 coaches during my lifetime & if my memory serves right, we’ve had 7 different interim & head coaches since 1990. That’s ridiculous. I’ve been one of Bielema’s biggest fans, but am growing skeptical. I can’t remember another season, where I’ve had a bigger distaste in my mouth than this one. Hope CBB will get things turned around next season.

Jack Crowe 1990-92
Joe Kines '92
Danny Ford 1993-97
Houston Nutt 1998-07
Bobby Petrino 2008-11
John L Smith 2012
Bret Bielema 2013-16

I was at the Belk Bowl and yes, I was totally shocked and embarrassed at our second half performance. For all the statistics and calls for wholesale firing, Coach B is our coach next year. He says in he’s in self reflection and evaluation. I hope he reaching out to former mentors for advice. I hope he talks to Bill Snyder at KState. He just runs a consistently good program and the program doesn’t have many 4 & 5 recruits. Yes, I expect changes in the assistant coaches. Probably more changes this time around. It’s up to Coach B to lead the change and the senior leaders to step up in the off season and bring the winning attitude back. Am I concerned…certainly…can it done… certainly…will be done…dunno. I believe in players because we have good core of returning players that will not accept what happened to the team this season. Just my thoughts.

You are what your record shows you to be.

Keith, this post is made to state a statistical fact. You can take it however you want. I make his because I was BB advocated and the first to defend him for three years. That changed this year. I have considered that I may not be right, but he’s yet to prove it and as a fan I do hope he proves me wrong. But what I saw this year took that support for him away. I saw a coach with an inept ability to adapt, I saw a team that was full of quitters who would feel sorry for themselves at the first sign of adversity (more so in the latter part of the year). It looked as if there is a disconnect between the players and coach. In my time any time I have seen players that don’t show passion or effort, that has to trickle down from the coach. He’s showing no ability to motivate, to push the players to believe in him and play as hard as they can, instead they walk around with their heads down. Do they believe in him? I don’t know, I sure hope so but when they sht down the way they do I question how ‘uncommon’ or ‘all in’ they are. We sure took a step back this season.