For the record..... Time to part ways with CBB!

What the heck… since we have a thread only for those that think CBB should get another year we might as well have a thread only for those that think it’s time to part ways.

In what I’m sure will not be a surprise I vote to part ways ASAP!


JacksonReid, why don’t you give it up? The coach is going to be fired tomorrow, and the foundation is probably going to spend north of $25 million to get Gus in here and an AD that is the choice of the so called good ole boys. I hope Gus does well and he will for a couple of years. The guy that said donations would go down if Long was not fired may be correct, but I have talked to several old contributors that say they are through with giving after many years giving good amounts. I am not talking about one or two thousand per year.

Well Tex… given someone thought it would be good to have a thread to gauge support for keeping him thought it would be interesting to see how many agree with me. Thought perhaps some that typically just Read might feel compelled to weigh in.

Has anyone watched the movie Groundhog Day?

I love it! Seriously, why are you boys offended/frustrated by this thread. Hogmaestro, my buddy Don Wells, and several others have posted consistently and OFTEN their positive feelings for Bret and did again in the “keep Bret thread” yet I don’t see them being criticized for beating a dead horse or being repetitive.

Are only “negative” posters criticized for being adamant in their positions?

Good guy, but his great personality has blurred some small portion of the fan bases vision.

It’s time to go forward.

I’m thankful for the positive things he did while here, it just wasn’t a good fit. He will bounce back, and use this as a learning tool. I wish him the best. But his best is not with the Hogs.

I’m all in. Keep it up Jackson. You’re the only one I’ve seen keep posting what needs to be said while all along taking the nonstop barrage of koolaid drinkers. This is my second post in about 6 months for that reason.

Not frustrated/offended at all. Just making an observation.


I’m all for change at this point as well, even after defending CBB for the last 5 years. Do I think he could get it right with more time, yes, But really good coaches get it done quicker I suppose.
Do I think Gus is the answer, NO. For 6 mil a year, HELL NO! Hope Im wrong, cuz that gonna really be a costly coaching change down the line, If all of this behind closed doors sessions took place to fire the AD & HC & then fork out all the dough to all involved just to obtain ole Gus, he will milk it for all its worth. Talk about putting all your marbles in one basket. Might as well try to out bid for a Chip Kelly or another real top of the line Coach. Money talks & BS walks.

People like to say that Gus has baggage, though he does not. 0 NCAA violations or investigations, Chip kelly however does have some baggage. Plus he’s going to Florida, I don’t buy that UCLA will outbid him, California state schools aren’t just rolling in the dough.
USC could afford to go get him, but I don’t think UCLA can outbid florida.

I wooild be all for giving Bielema another year had he not been such a bad, and truly bad in game Coach. That’s something that he had problems with at Wisconsin also, and that’s something that is critical and likely after 12 years will not change.

I never post and I really enjoy reading both sides of the debate… I’m all in on getting rid of BB whatever it costs…We can’t afford another year of him IMHO

It’s time to cut the chord. We are not headed in a upward trajectory regarding the football program

A blind man told me he can see It’s time for a change.

Is I have posted before i really do not care if he is the coach next year or not.

My problem is there are going to be SO many jobs open and most are more attractive than Ark.

Also when a coach looks at the recruiting base why will they choose us over Tenn, Fla, TAM etc…

So we will get some coach who is way way down the list and not have a clue what we have here or different scheme.

So in the better interest of Ark if would be better to give him 1 more year and if it works out then fine keep him if not we know there will not be over half the conf hiring coaches

I will guarantee that NO coach will leave a top 5 school to come here ( insert Gus here)

He is getting top ten classes which no matter what you may think is NOT happening here

If he goes i would not want some flavor of the month to come here