For the record . . . season prediction

A little more than a week ago (we’ve played 2 games since), I performed my annual “assign a REALISTIC probability of winning each game and then sum up the probabilities” process on the season (I usually wait until we’re close to the end of our non-conference season so I have something tangible to go off of . . . for both us and our SEC competition).

The result was a 20 win REGULAR season (not including the SECT).

Just posting here for the purpose of documenting. I hope I’m a little low, but - again - I used my most realistic numbers (to the best of my abilities), and that is what it yielded. We’ll see in about 2 months.

I wanted to put more wins, and the excited fan in me really struggled with that. But, on the other hand, there are more really good teams in the SEC this season (or, so it appears) than we’ve had in quite some time. Winning on the road will be difficult, because it’s always hard to win on a good team’s home court. And, I suspect we will be challenged on our own home court more than once. All in all, it should make for an entertaining season.

I’m on board. When this team is focused and has their legs, I don’t know that there is any team out there that would be a compelling favorite on any court. That won’t happen in every game so there will be some losses. One of the best assets of this team is the depth and playing time, particularly at the guard spots. The four is in much better shape this year. I do wish it had more depth at the five.
At some point pretty soon, the national perception will change. This team is currently flying under the radar.