For the record Mike vs Cal

Source: Official Media Guides for each of the five schools.

Mike Anderson: UAB 2002-06; Mizzou 2006-11; Arkansas 2011-present
John Calipari: Memphis 2000-09; Kentucky 2009-present

2002-03 UAB (MA) vs Memphis (JC) Memphis (JC) 2-0
2003-04 UAB (MA) vs Memphis (JC) Memphis (JC) 1-0
2004-05 UAB (MA) vs Memphis (JC) UAB (MA) 1-0
2005-06 UAB (MA) vs Memphis (JC) Series Tied 1-1

2008-09 Mizzou (MA) vs Memphis (JC) Mizzou (MA) 1-0

Zero meetings between 2009-11 Mizzou vs Kentucky

2011–12 Arkansas (MA) vs Kentucky (JC) Kentucky (JC) 1-0
2012–13 Arkansas (MA) vs Kentucky (JC) Arkansas (MA) 1-0
2013–14 Arkansas (MA) vs Kentucky (JC) Arkansas (MA) 2-0
2014–15 Arkansas (MA) vs Kentucky (JC) Kentucky (JC) 1-0 * Season not yet complete.

Mike Anderson at UAB vs John Calipari at Memphis: 2-4
Mike Anderson at Mizzou vs John Calipari at Memphis: 1-0
Mike Anderson at Arkansas vs John Calipari at Kentucky: 3-2

OVERALL Mike Anderson vs John Calipari: 6-6

This includes all those 5*s that Cal brings into his program. As I have shared before the rilvarly between the two runs deep, you can just imagine how Cal goateed over stealing Monk by hiring his big brother in their sport agent firm.

That head to head record is not mentioned by announcers. It would give credit to Mike Anderson as much as Cal!

Your #s are not close to accurate

0-2 16-17
0-1 15-16
0-2 14-15
2-0 13-14
1-0 12-13
0-1 11-12

3-6 while at Arkansas

Response; Especially the SEC media staff, Kentucky is the banner for the SEC as it relates to men college basketball.

Reply: apparently in your zeal to find some fault in the data you overlooked the verbiage as well. I copied and paste the data I did not add in this season because there is a chance, if both continues to win they will see each again later down the bracket. The fact that Mike has held his own against Cal’s one and done or in the past years McDonald All Americans speaks for its self

You didn’t include 2015 - 2016 either

The point is despite the talent gap we have held our own aginst Kentucky.
I wonder how long it will take Cal to fire or replace Marcus Monk after little brother goes to the NBA at seasons end. That will be poetic justice!
Cal is scared someone will steal his spotlight. With the coaches that have been hired it will not be a push over unless he keeps Greg Stankey and the refs in his corner.
There will be a day when Kentucky ends up on probation over this camp “Cal” show! When it happens we will have the last laugh.