For the record, I talked to T.J. Smith

Theodore Frederick Smith is 279 pounds, as Youdaman suggested earlier in a post. I confirmed that with T.J. (The T.J. stands for Theodore Junior. His dad is Theodore Frederick Smith, Sr.) He said he was at near 300 at the start of the summer, but tossed some body fat and some pounds. Eliminated cheese burgers. He wants to play at 285 or so where his quickness is best, but he said the early part of camp is tough with extra pounds. He’s much stronger at this weight. Of course, he will be in a rotation that includes Sosa Agim, Jonathan Marshall, Isaiah Nichols and a few others. He did say that Marshall is a freak of nature.

“He was a freak from the first day he got here, you guys just didn’t know it,” T.J. said. “When you are throwing around 600-plus pounds, the bar just isn’t built for it so we don’t know what his max might be and we may never know it.”

T.J. was a fun interview. I’ll write it tomorrow at some point.

good to finally have it figured out…i was told 293,304 but saw 282 elsewhere LOL My personal opinion is 285 is too light to handle the DT he is going to see a lot of agianst the run heavy teams. you are taught to run right at speed and make them take you on head up so we will see how it works out for him.
There are lots of ways to stunt your DL and we may be going to do more of that and if that is the case then that is handful for the OL…looking forward to seeing how we play it.

Clearly, you’ve seen Chavis with what he does with the inside tackles. They are never in the same spot. Stunts and twists are what he does. And, a fast rotation. T.J. will be fine there. Chavis thinks he’s an excellent tackle. I also think Nichols and Marshall are going to play a lot. They are bigger bodies. Marshall is a beast.

T.J. will be very successful after football. One of the more impressive young men I’ve come across while doing my job.

The smart ones do not take extra pounds into camp and then add them after things taper off before the first game. August with extra weight is not a good idea.

Speaking of impressive, I really enjoyed the interview with Dorian Gerald.