For the record..another year for CBB

I’m one for giving coach B.B. one more year to see if he can turn the program around.
I would appreciate it if only those who agree would reply to this post. I am curious to see how many are in agreement. It may not happen, but I would like to see it happen. I know there are a lot of you who want him gone and happy to see it. I am not. I have a lot of respect for CBB and appreciate his integrity, honesty and love for the program and his players. I trust the man and believe that he would never put the football program in a bad light, even at the cost of winning or recruitment of players.
Again, there are plenty of posters, on this board, demonstrating that desire to see him fired.
I would like to know, for the record, how many others feel this way.
Woo Pig!!!

I agree

I’m not opposed to give him another year but he has to turn over some assistants.
We have too many NFL gofers that aren’t getting it done. OL, DL, LB.

Me and Jacksonreid agree

I’d be fine with it

From what I heard today, our new coach will be the one and only Gus His wife was in no. west Ar. checking out houses. Gus is suppose to get six million??? I hope not!!

Me, obviously. I’ve been saying it for weeks.

But I know it won’t happen. If we have to move on, I’ll get behind Gus.

Don I just about spit out my freshly poured cocktail :smiley: Hope you are having a good Thanksgiving!

Sorry about your drink but you can use my money to buy more.

It has been a great day so far and i hope it has been for you and your family

I figured you didn’t have time to vote and i knew you had a man crush on CBB so i voted for you

No need to thank me :smiley:

When was the Gus Bus in town looking for houses. Anybody Know?

I agree!

Been absolutely fabulous other than getting juked by my 16 yr old nephew in the after dinner touch football game, called old man by same nephew as he raced to the end zone, and getting a mouthful of grass as I hit the ground!

It’s an open board, and you can post what you want, but please don’t turn this thread into a Gus topic of conversation. I was hoping to hear from those who would like to see CBB around for another year. I appreciate the replies so far.

I would prefer it but will support the hogs regardless

I’m with you.

But, CBB was just hit with another bit of bad luck, BB Hogs play UNC at the same time. Attendance is going to be horrible tomorrow.

Agree with you 100%, jh979

Admittedly, I’ve been an advocate for change. However this post has made me think, and I agree, another year, however painful, would be w0rth considering.

This is a challenging time.

The Chinese take a long view Perhaps we should too.

100% agree.

I agree. He has to be given the money to upgrade assistants.

If Gus, keep CBB and see if he can get to 8-4 or better.

If we can’t do better than Gus, we are mining fools gold.