For the Players:

I was just thinking about this today. I know we have some very talented players who have a chance to do some very special things with a basketball and hopefully other things as well. Still, to date they have not done much until today. Today, they are going to Europe for several days. For most of these guys, it is their first trip out of the country. This is a big deal. I hope they really get to enjoy it. Then they will come back to Fayetteville and work hard getting ready for the season for a couple of months before going to Maui (I am going with them on that trip) for several days. I know the games there will be much more serious and difficult; however, I hope they get to experience a lot of what that special place has to offer (and it is a lot).

After that, they come home and learn what it is like to play in the SEC in front of 20,000 fans. Hopefully, they get to finish this run with another run through the NCAA tourney.

That is a lot for anybody, much less a 20 yr old, Enjoy guys and know that if you do it with class, you will have all of us behind you giving support.


Well said, Jim … looking forward to Maui, too … should be the perfect early season barometer for Muss to learn what is needed for another deep run in March (and, hopefully, April)



Aloha Jim,
First step on the road to a national title. IMHO, CEM leaves nothing to chance and is exceptionally detail oriented. Although he’s very demanding and pushes everyone to be their best, he also strongly believes in educating his players in all aspects of life. The team is going to have a blast on this trip and It shall be a tremendous bonding experience. All part of CEM’s plan.
UA…Campus of Champions



I have no doubt that Muss is going to make sure they use every ounce of time in Europe to better themselves, either as players or as educated people. I look forward to seeing him post about their experiences on social media.

He mentioned in his press briefing the other day that they plan to take the team into Switzerland on the morning of their final game. As close as Lake Como is, he didn’t want them to miss out on getting to experience another country. It’s been many years since I was there, but I can say that Switzerland was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

I’m glad they are getting these experiences.


Yes it is. I’ve been there 3 times, twice on business (with a couple days of pleasure during the 2 week-long trips) and once on a fantastic ski vacation. Geneva and Lausanne are must see cities. We flew in to Geneva and took the one day trip on Lake Geneva to Lausanne and back.

Every ski lover should take one trip to Zermatt. The beauty at the very top of the biggest of 3 mountains, overlooking the Matterhorn is unmatched. Ski back down the front of the mountain and you’re in Switzerland. Ski down the back of the mountain and you’re in Italy.

As great as Apres ski is in Vail Village and Aspen (and they are great), they come in 2nd to the Village at Zermatt. It is ridiculously expensive for food and drink, but worth it. No gas burning vehicles allowed in the Village. Only horse drawn or electric taxis.

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UBS and Credit Suisse are there. The Gnomes of Zurich my father-in-law informed me in 1969 when the Swiss Franc and German Mark were his favored coins. He bought them in large quantities (those with the most silver).

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