For the most part, I liked the officiating,...

They let them play for the most part. I liked that. Pretty consistent both ways.

No blood, no foul.

Yeah I thought they were good too.

Best officiating I’ve seen all year. They let the players play and determine the game. That’s why it was such a good game. Really don’t like it when refs try to make themselves apart of the game and call every little touch foul. It benefits no one, the fans don’t wanna see all the fouls, it makes the games longer and more boring, and it throws the rhythm of the teams off, and just makes for bad basketball.

They let them play. I thought they were better than normal! There were some calls they could have made both ways and did not. That won’t be the case against Vandy and the home crowd.

I agree. Let them play and don’t call anything unless it truly changes the outcome of the play.

all the blue in the stands tonight were Ky stragglers, the very few OM fans were in their awful red shade. OM fans did show up when their band played let your light shine down and they did with cameras and whatever. Had not seen that before.

One official who was white and a lot scrawnier really spent too long with Macon when Macon protested a foul call that looked clean. It was full contract basketball all over the court, bad ball handling was forgiven and knee to knee screens. Seemed pretty fair but hard to adjust to for Barford who was made into a pinball on his bull rushes to the basket. Plenty of quick jumpers with long reach on both sides tonight.

Agree…but why couldn’t it be like that all year?! Adams must not have been one of the refs. Haha