For the horse racing fans on the board

Omaha Beach will run in the Grade 1, $300,000 Santa Anita Sprint Championship on Saturday.

First race since the Arkansas Derby. He dropped out of the Kentucky Derby because of an entrapped epiglottis which requited surgery.

Sounds like a malady some Hog (Pig?) fans had after the San Jose State game. Does it involve heartburn?

That was funny Pav! I needed that this morning. Unfortunately epiglottis is much worse than heartburn, at least in humans. I’m assuming it’s bad on race horses also.

Is this a prep for the Breeders Cup in 4 weeks? If so, are they pointing to the Breeders Cup sprint or will they stretch out for the Classic?

Not sure to be honest.

I just hope they can run the race without another breakdown. I must confess I cringe now whenever I see a headline with the words “Santa Anita” in it ("Oh, no, not another one … "). I used to be a huge fan, but in my old age, I have come to dwell more on the dark side of horse racing, and it makes me sad.

FWIW, I’m going 10 across on Omaha Beach. Risky with the long layoff.

Hey, you did good, nearly doubled your money. I was shocked to see he paid $7.20 to win. The odds on favorite was a really good sprinter. Omaha just had a little too much class on him, if he was 100% healthy.

If he comes out of this race with no ill affects, I’ll bet he’s entered in the Classic in the Breeder’s Cup. If not, maybe the Mile. Great horse, first time he had ever run 6 furlongs.

Hate he had to skip the triple crown races but obviously the right move.

I was playing a few races tonight while working. The highs and the lows of horse racing. I keyed a horse at 2-1 and he won pretty easily. The two (3-1 and 27-1) behind him were neck-and-neck. You guessed it the 3-1 won by the a nose hair. The exacta paid 19.40. Obviously was hoping for the 27-1 and the much better pay off.

It seems to happen to me all the time.