For the experts: Undrafted seniors

So I think I know the answer to this question, but here goes:

Do MLB organizations ever sign undrafted players who have no college eligibility left? I suspect that if they do, it’s rare.

Pro football and basketball teams sign undrafted college seniors as free agents all the time because their drafts have so few rounds. If it happens in baseball, you never hear much about it.

With a 40-round draft, there may be no need for baseball teams to sign undrafted free agents. When you include the signing of foreign players who don’t go through the draft, there may be plenty of bodies to fill out the rookie and low minors rosters. But I just don’t know if they do. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Yes, it happens, but it’s rare. Jackson Lowery signed with the Blue Jays when he went undrafted out of Arkansas a couple of years ago.

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Here is when it sometimes happens, a team does not feel like it will sign most of its drafted players and needs to fill a rookie team. It could be it needs a shortstop, catcher or another pitcher or two. It would be an unusual position to need a spot filled but sometimes happens.

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