For the doubters and unbelievers

…and you KNOW who you are… o ye of little faith! and a BIG CONGRATS TO THE UNCOMMON MEN THAT NEVER YIELD WPS!!!

I admit I doubted a couple of times tonight, but typically hold the rope til it burns my hands. This type of win wil make us better.

I didn’t pick us and I’m so glad to be WRONG what a gutsy performance

Even Clay didn’t but he’s probably smilin tonight

A lot of people turned the game off at the 2:00 minute mark. Shame on them for bailing.

This game will be an Instant ESPN Classic if they still have those.

There’s something slightly off in the phrase “Hog Faithful”. At this time of the night we’re all back to “Faithful” so let’s celebrate and give all the coaches and players the ability to crawl out from under the bus most of us were going to throw them under if they had lost.

He called to bemoan the loss. While we were talking I yelled “They clanked the field goal off the upright! We are still tied.” He said “What? TCU scored a touchdown.”

I explained the penalty. He had been to a sports bar to watch and left when the receiver went into the end zone, AND he left half of a beer there. He was on his way home. He did make it home in time for the win.

I picked the Hogs in someone’s thread. I said all the pundits and analysts were missing the boat on this game.

There is a reason the games are actually played. And what’s on paper and how the Hog secondary looked versus LaTech was not determinative of the outcome. It never is.


What a game! This is great for the program and this team looks like a group of hard-working winners. Its gonna be a fun year!