For the Coach Leach lovers.

You should watch his sorry defense! Cal. 3-3 has them 17-3 with 10 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. He’s not much better than bike guy!

Great offense, bad defense… that’s understandable.

Bad offense… worse defense… what’s Brets excuse?

Ok. Well, both are a lot better than Bielema right now.

And I guess you haven’t watched the Hogs’ sorry defense.

I like Coach Leach a lot, though I don’t want him to be the Arkansas coach. I will give him this though…he’s at least beaten a P5 team in 2017 and in fact several since Arkansas last did before Thanksgiving 2016!

Until our house is in order best for Hog fans to lay low !

5 TO by the off would even make Bamas D look like crap

I think the real coach to watch in that game is Justin Wilcox. He has Cal playing pretty well for a first-year coach. Good background under Chris Petersen.

It’s tough when you play your first five games at home. That means five of their last seven are on the road. Doesn’t mean they won’t win, just makes it a lot tougher.