For Swine - Soccer

I know you are not a Chelsea fan like I am, but you might find this interesting.

I couldn’t have told you who owned Chelsea before it became Chelski. But then I’m not sure who owned Arsenal when I became a fan either. Know who ran the club but not the owner. I just looked it up: David Dein was the principal owner. Knew the name but no idea he was the owner. The Hill-Wood family sold the team to Dein’s group but I didn’t know that about Peter Hill-Wood either.

Then again, I suspect there are a lot of Cowboys fans who don’t know who sold the team to Jerruh either. (It was H.R. “Bum” Bright.)

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I know who is CEO at Spurs. And I want him to go away. Far, far away. Siberia would be fine.


After yesterday I’m sure that sentiment is shared widely along High Road. Especially since today could be St. Totteringham’s Day.

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