For something different...a "reverse poll"...Vote for the 3 HC candidates you DON'T want us to hire

I’ve left Gus, HDN and Petrino off the list, because although they each have their “pro” fans, there is little doubt they would get almost all of the negative votes as well. So - beyond those 3 - I’ve listed the folks most are discussing/speculating about. I may have left out one or two…who knows whose really being considered…I may have excluded the one that ends up getting it? Anyway, please vote for up to THREE of these candidates that - if it were up to you - wouldn’t get the job for any reason.

  • Eliah Drinkwitz
  • Les Miles
  • Mike Norvell
  • Lane Kiffin
  • Skip Holtz
  • Bill Clark
  • Mike Leach
  • Huge Freeze

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Mike Norvell

  • 21 (1.8%)
    Mike Leach
  • 91 (7.7%)
    Les Miles
  • 194 (16.5%)
    Hugh Freeze
  • 304 (25.8%)
    Lane Kiffin
  • 62 (5.3%)
    Eliah Drinkwitz
  • 93 (7.9%)
    Bill Clark
  • 87 (7.4%)
    Skip Holtz
  • 326 (27.7%)

3 wasn’t enough.

Agree gas!

You left out Gus. The only one worse would be Petrino.

How could anyone with half a brain have Les Miles on our list?

Dunno if you’re talking about me including him in the poll, or just in general. As far as why he’s listed above, it’s because his name has come up in several of the articles and media reports on “possible candidates” for the Arkansas job. I’ve seen some discussion of Les on the various Arkansas boards as well.

FWIW, he was one of my personal “no” votes…but, to each their own.


ONLY 3 choices ??

Leach, Holtz, Miles…3 I don’t want.

I didn’t mean to get on you. I like your poll and approach. I would take Nutt or Gus over Miles.

I didn’t think you were “on me”…no problem. Was just trying to answer your question.

To those of you asking “why only 3 votes?”, how many is enough? If you give people too many “strikes”, they will vote against everyone but “their guy”…and then you don’t learn anything more than if you ask someone to vote for their favorite.

No…I wanted to find out the MOST disliked candidates. Seems to be working.

How many do you want? I think most people that are interested in the search may have a couple of coahches that they’re not enamored with. Some more, many won’t have kept up with people outside of our program to put the kibosh on any at all.

If you have unlimited “strikes”, some folks would X out all other contenders except “their guy”…and that really doesn’t tell you anything.

Nope…3 is a good number. And the results are interesting, I think. Won’t affect who we ultimately hire, but does show where the “primary” candidates fall among our fans (at least the ones who post on boards like this).

Norvell, Leach, Gus

Freeze, Kiffin, Miles

I only voted for two, Freeze & Leach. However, I’m not terribly opposed to Leach. I don’t want Freeze, but if he gets hired, I’ll support him.

Poor way of expressing that there is not much difference in the poll sample. I like Kiffin, Leach and Norvell. But not sure where HY is focused.

Please explain this assertion. As written, and in context, it makes no sense at all to me.

Surely, that’s just because you have not adequately expressed what you’re trying to say. I’m guessing you probably have a legitimate point to make, and I’ll look for your expanded, more thoughtful explanation - and then respond.

I’m glad to see according to your poll that the majority rule is thinking very similar with my thoughts on the positive choices as well… 1 Drinkwitz 2 Kiffin 3 Norvell

BUMPED for the weekend crowd that didn’t check in and see it a few days ago . . .

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Very interesting perspective, don’t know of the statistical significance. Any reason why you did not list ALL coaches you have heard being considered (wanted); and only giving each 1 vote to see who is the most favorite from your sample? Or is it that you think the votes for HDN, Petrino, or Gus should be disenfranchised. Has politics made it to sports?

But my disclosure to your thread… my 3 least favorite from your controlled list are Freeze, Holtz & Leach.

Leach, Holtz, & Freeze.