for some reason I feel good about Ole Mrs.

Of course, I felt ok about the Bama game too, lol

I thnk we’ve lost to 2 VERY good teams. I think we have better players than what we’ve seen. Bama is just a lot better than we are, but we really killed ourselves against A&M. hold em on 3rd down but hit receiver late, stupid penalties, can’t score from the 1, you know the stuff we do every year against A&M.

I bet our players and coaches are more irritated and embarrassed after that bama game than we fans are. I bet they play their tails off Saturday. Of course Ole Mrs is very good and may beat us anyway, but I’ll be shocked if we have 8 penalties and 3 turnovers. I’ll be shocked if we don’t run block and run better. I’ll be SHOCKED if AA doesn’t light up their defense, man I love watching him and our receivers/TE’s.

I’ll also be shocked if we don’t give up over 30 points.

So I’ll say Hogs 45-Ole Mrs 42

ps-doesn anyone else love just watching Austin Cantrell pulverize people as much as I do? he is one bad dude!!!


I dunno. Ole Miss scares me with their wide open offense. I was confident about the Bama game…now my confidence is shaken. But the Hogs do have a good chance!

My hope is that Allen can out duel Kelley!