For season ticket holders

At this time, do you plan to be regularly attend games this year (COVID 19)?

As for myself, I plan to be there.

Yes, we’ll be there.

Yes we will be there

I’ll be there

Plan/hope to be there. But realize there are so many variables that can change between now and then.

I’m ready (especially for the UNR game!)… and promise to wear my fancy new mask the whole time. :grin:


RIght now, I would say no, I am not coming. But who knows in 3 months. I went to my dentist today, so most of us may feel comfortable moving around by then. I want to come and will if I feel like it won’t kill me. I am 72 and time is slippin’ away, so I really don’t want to waste it.

I’m not sure. I may stay home, but I won’t decide until much closer to game time.

If anyone makes the decision that it is not in their best interest to attend the games I’ll be willing to purchase tickets.

Undecided. While I am not particularly concerned for myself, when I come to NWA I stay with my 76 yo mom and 83 yo stepdad. Both are cancer survivors and stepdad has had quadruple bypass. Do I come up for the game and just not see them? That would be tough. Put on mask and gloves when I am around them? Maybe, but have to judge if that is worth the risk to them. They say come and don’t worry about it, but that’s easy to say on the front end.

I gave up my season tickets 3 seasons ago. Instead of looking forward to the weekends (or sometimes day-trips) to the games, I found they had become something of a burden. I live in LR, so depending on game time, I’d either need to stay overnight or make a long day of it. When my kids were there, it was an easy choice. Add in the abysmal performances, I decided it was cheaper to just go when I felt like it. Never had a problem getting good tickets. I continue to donate to the RF, but not for tickets.

With the covid this year, I’ll be even less inclined to go, even though I’m a bit more excited about the team than I’ve been in several years.

I’ll be there, but it’s easy for me. I live 2.4 miles from the stadium

I live 229.5 miles away (checked by Google Maps). I’ll be there.

I have tickets for games I know I will not attend. Interested? Upper west, about 50 yd line.

I’ll be there unless on a deer stand.

How many? Yes, I’m interested

I’ll be there. can’t wait!


I will be there.

I’ll be there