For Richard

Couple of different questions. First, now that the staff is starting to finalize, do you think Collin Clay might pull out of the transfer portal the way Devin Bush did? Second…the Carthage duo. At one point recently you said neither Crawford or Dixon have heard from CSP. Is that still the case, or are they projected to be a part of the contingent coming in for officials in January? If not, why? They both were prior commits, and play positions of need. Last, the two de-commits from Knoxville. Their choice, or were they told we no longer have a scholarship for them? Thanks.

Good questions- Merry Christmas

I expect Clay to show up at Okla. State.

Right now now expecting anything to happen with Crawford. Let’s see what happens with Dixon.

As I said in another post, each staff evaluates differently. Edwards and Francis were Morris and Chavis guys.

Thanks, Richard, and thanks for what you do to keep us informed.