? For Richard, Dudley or Scottie concerning Gabe O

Coach mentioned he was going to get more playing time a few weeks ago but it hasn’t happened. Has Mike said anything about him lately?

Not since he said he would play more.

I think if he was going to play it would have come in the last 3-4 games with the revolving door at the 4. Highly doubt he plays. Mike did say today that Adrio Bailey would be back in the rotation this week, but we’ll see.

Is he a red shirt candidate?

Big John can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Gabe has played too many games (9) to qualify for a redshirt.

Seems strange to me! Who knows though since no one is allowed to watch practice!

Well, Gabe played 10 minutes in the first half tonight after playing just one since CSU Bakersfield in late December. Dustin Thomas, who I wrote on yesterday, has not played. Mike’s rotations are unpredictable, but Gabe has been active at times on the glass. You’d have liked to see him prepared for Daryl’s pass earlier, but he seems pretty composed.