? for Richard and Dudley when you have free moment

Reading the recruiting posts, it struck me that it appears there are more Div 1 football prospects in Ark high schools now than say 5 years ago when we were lucky to have maybe 4-5 with a great year being 10 prospects (this is generalization but it seemed that way). I know the Little Rock schools made some efforts to upgrade football but what has happened in general way to see more football players now and still have high number of basketball players. Better coaches, more $ being spent, walk-ons, spread offense or other ? Curious how it has changed so quickly .

Could just be a cycle. It’s rare to see Arkansas offer 10 or more like in the 22 class. The 2008 class had 14 in-state signees.

I will say the 2023 and 2024 classes look promising too. So there’s a possibility of a trend.

I do think the current staff not only talks about recruiting Arkansas, but has and plans to continue walking the walk in that area.

I do think this is an exceptional year for talent inside the state in football, basketball and baseball.

As Richard noted, there seems to be strength in the next few classes as well.

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I noticed that in going over the HI top 30 in HI. Seemed at least half had D1 type offers and nearly all had some type of college offer. I wondered if the worm had turned so to speak

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