For Richard and Dudley please....


For the insiders, most especially Richard and Dudley:

Since y’all have been covering UA football recruiting and playing:

a. Which staff was the best recruiters? Landing the highest majority of their A list.

b. Which staff was the best evaluators of talent? Fewest number of recruits who quit and/ or the maximum amount of recruits who equaled or surpassed their expected level of play.

c. Which staff was the best in coaching up the recruits to play as good or better than expected?

I ask because apparently our current group of linemen (OL and DL) are performing below the league average in sacks prevented and sacks obtained. It appears to me, thousands of miles away, that the current staff is either and/or poor evaluators of linemen, poor recruiters of linemen and/ or unable to coach them up.

Anxious to know your thoughts and how the current staff compares to the past staffs. Mahalo in advance.

This has been posted several places on the board, but I counted Bielema beating out Bama, Ohio State, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Florida State, Miami for 25 kids, (17 of them out of state), Petrino beat out elites for 11 kids (7 out of state) and Nutt beat out 6 elites (3 out of state).

You can make a case that Nutt did a better job of evaluating and coaching up, followed by Petrino and then Bret.

A. Coach B - first and second year recruiting staff - he also per the consensus recruiting numbers finished an average of 25th per year with Petrino 27th and Nutt 28th.

B. Coach Hatifeld followed by Coach Nutt

C. Coach Petrino followed by Coach Nutt