For RD

Any chance Coach Pittman can get Crawford back in the mix or has that ship completely sailed?

Not RD, but you have to think that Coach Pittman will definitely reach out to him because he need OL here and Crawford was once committed.

But it does not appear that he had an offer from Georgia so there’s that.

Ok…thanks Dudley. What about the other OL from Athens we were on?

Garrett Hayes - a commit to TCU - is the young man from Athens, Texas.

Same situation in that I can’t see that he has an offer from Georgia, but showed interest in Arkansas so it is worth a call if Coach Pittman is looking that way.

There is not going to be enough hours in the day for Coach Pittman these next weeks. He has a huge task in front of him to try to salvage some sort of recruiting class and hire assistants. Well. he is making a load of cash, so he probably is waking up with a big smile.

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Sam is very aware of Ty’Kieast. Will he move on him? Not sure.

Another recruiting guy said he stated he was committed to TCU, he seems like the kind to keep his word.

Thanks all for the responses.