For RD or Dudley

Now that we are nearing the Juco signing day I know y’all are feeling pretty confident in a couple of guys. How will this affect this signing class going forward. I know BB is planning on leaving a spot or two open, what are your final predictions as of now? Seems we still have a few positions of need to be filled. Thanks

  1. DT Javier Edwards

  2. WR Brandon Martin

  3. DL Melvin Johnson

  4. CB Chevin Callaway

  5. Safety

**subject to change. lol

Thanks, I like the looks of that!

Interesting Richard… no Wright or LBer… lots of different options out there for the Hogs…

Honestly I forgot LB. Too hard to say about Johnston right now.

Not optimistic about Wright now. Won’t say it can’t happened.