For RD or Dudley or any of the other writers…

After watching the video on the recruiting thread about Myles Rowser and his situation it got me to thinking about a young man from 2020, Catrell Wallace and his situation. Last updated news I could find was July of last year about his final charges, 120 days in jail etc.

I was just curious if the young man would ever have a chance to play here again if he gets his life back in order or if that door is permanently closed?

I know this means more than likely he would have to go JUCO route if accepted, prove himself and go from there. Was just curious if you all had any further incite on it from possible conversations with Pitt or other coaches etc. Sad story for all involved.


He’s not ever going to play here.

Not trying to speak for RD or anyone, but it’s not the kind of situation that would allow for that. Likely won’t play anywhere.

he would have been the epitome of personna for Last Chance U and will say that Jason Brown coach got his charges dismissed. I think all that is known now is all that will ever be shared publically about Catrell. I am sure that juco was/is in his plan. My god daughte taught both of the principal characters and as was usually stated Catrell was dumb as sheez to be attracted to a 12 year old who was innocent by age only. Catrell is probable done in the state of AR, not sure where he can go. His record will be found as long as Google exists.

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Yup….these are things I figured but was just curious as we rarely have player incidents etc.

Like I said….just really sad for all involved!

Thanks to both of you for your thoughts.

Completely inappropriate comment.

I do not have any more insight on Rowser’s situation.

But I don’t see him ending up here.

Sad thing for Ray to write. Age is the thing that DOES matter.


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