For Once, I’m Glad I Read...

Wally. I didn’t know about the film about coach Broyles. Looking forward to seeing it. Good info.

LOL . . . same for me. I saw the subject line and clicked on the story not knowing (or caring) who wrote it. Wasn’t until this line “In 1964, the Hogs went undefeated and were declared Grantland Rice national champions, [color=#BF0000]an honor recognized by the NCAA[/color].” that it dawned upon me who the author was (anyone else would have just said “were declared National Champions” and left the rest of it out). Typical Wally.

That said, the important information was about the release of the video, which I will look forward to watching soon.

Thanks, got to check that out

I don’t read _ally _all, but I did post a link to the announcement (not to his column.)

I can’t see the article, what film/video is being released?