? for okc fans

Did “hoodie melo” ever make an appearance at his New York City press conferences, or is this a sign of a new approach in Melos career

Also has anyone unlocked hoodie melo in 2k18 yet?

Thunder up

He started doing that a lot this summer and said it was a way to show a different mindset.

Haven’t played 2k enough to unlock Hoodie Melo yet, but will. Probably gonna have to find another team to be, since OKC is essentially a ‘cheat code’ team now along with Golden State and Cleveland.

I’m drinking the kool aid on OKC at the moment. The spot-up shooting and creation PG and Melo add (along with Patterson, too) should do wonders for Russ. Should give Adams so much more space to roll, too. Having an actual decent backup PG will be huge. Hoping Olympic Melo is what they get. I think they can have potentially a top-5 offense and defense. It’s probably more realistic to only get one, but I think both can be top 10.

I just want them to 1) stay healthy and 2) get the 2 or 3 seed so they can avoid GS until a potential WCF matchup. Can’t wait for the season.

Cannot believe the commitment Presti is showing to building a true championship contender in OKC.

My wife and I haven’t missed a game here in Tulsa on tv in years. Might have to make a few trips to the city this season.
Should be a lot of fun.

Hope these all-stars are ready to truly work together to bring us a championship.
I think it will take a little time to mesh.
We’ll find out a lot regarding Billy D’s ability to coach and, more importantly, handle superstar personalities.
Will be interesting season without a doubt.

Where in Tulsa are you from? I graduated from Broken Arrow.

I think I’ve only missed watching 3 games on TV over the past 3 years since I’ve had the capability to view on-demand. Nets game in 2014, a Lakers game and another one that escapes me last spring. Buddy of mine has season tickets and I’ve gotten to go to some great games as a result: Spurs game 4 in 2016, Warriors game 3 the next round, the KD return game, to name a few. Told him I might have to move into he and his wife’s spare room this spring.

Definitely think it’ll take some time to mesh. I think the burden of responsibility is on Russ to get everyone enough shots to keep it flowing and Billy to find a way to put guys in the right place and manage egos, like you said.

I’m expecting this to be a one-off team, but I love going for it in Russ’ prime, which I think is probably nearing its end. I hope he finishes his career in OKC, but I fully expect the max contract to be a bad one by the end if he winds up signing it.