? for Matt

Sam recently discussed roster management, including possibly asking some seniors with extra eligibility to return for another season.

When you have time, would you please post a list of players in that group?


Not as many as last year. But I think of starters, Montaric Brown, Joe Foucha and Bumper Pool would be three of them. It could be that the three transfer lineman could be in that group. Trelon Smith and Dalton Wagner would fit I believe.

I could be wrong on this. I’m a little vague on the complexity of the rule.

Out of the three transfer starting DL I believe only Ridgeway could return. Dorian Gerald might return as well with medical hardships galore. It would be nice if all of the ones Clay mentioned along with Ridgeway and Gerald would return. They would help big-time.

As I understand it, everybody who was on a roster for the 2020 season now gets six years to play five.
Ridgeway redshirted at Illinois State, played three seasons there, then came here. So he would have year five remaining if he wants it. Trelon played as a freshman for AZ State, four games as a soph, then came here. He has year five as well. Same with Wagner. This is Utsey’s fifth varsity season so he’s done. Tre Williams has another year if he wants it. So do Bumper, Busta and Foucha.


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