? For Matt or Clay

Friday night will the hogs be the home team?

If it’s Tech we will be home because we were visitor today, I believe. If Florida probably a flip.

Thanks Swine! What did you think about Cronnin today?

I arrived at work during the top of the eighth inning so I didn’t get to see Cronin’s performance. I can’t really comment. I’ve seen a description of what happened but can’t give my own take on it.

I’m no expert, but I defer to what his coach (Johnson) said about it. He said that they (Tech) had a couple of hits that were somewhat flukey (he was careful to point out that it was “good hitting” on their part, but you knew what he meant) on pitches that were out of the zone and just where Cronin wanted to put them. That’s baseball - it happens. But he said when he went out to the mound, he pointed out to him that his stuff was good and that if he kept on doing what he was doing, he’d be fine. And he was.

I think it was Van Horn who said he thought Cronin was a little “rusty” from infrequent use in games the last couple of weeks. He then said something to the effect that probably wouldn’t be the case going forward.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cronin pitch 3 or 4 innings if we get into a tight, critical situation at some point over the next week. And I think he’s ready to do it - if we need him to.

Wiz I also thought there was a little rust! Thanks. I sure hope TT beats Florida today.
Tomorrow night I’m hoping Campbell comes out and gets a good start. I sure don’t want to have to play Saturday. A win Friday sets the pitching up for the final!