? for Matt or Clay to ask...

First, congratulations Matt, the three best days in my life were the births of my children. Now, a question Clay or you can usually get the answer to, why are the taking down the north big screen? Is this for work to do on the roof and structure, or is it because it sits too high to be seen by some seats in the suites? It’s off season and we have nothing better to do outside of getting out spring practice tidbits. Thanks in advance.

It will go back up. There will be big screens on both ends.

That wasn’t the question, I know that, the question is why are they taking it down? The problem was that rows that could see the north screen previously couldn’t see it since it was raised, especially in the EOC and in some East and West side suites. They also couldn’t see the South screen. I guess I’ll ask Hunter, lol.

They took it down and it will move slightly. There is a $160 million building and stands added under it. The whole thing had to be pushed a slightly. It will go back up. I’m not sure if it is being pushed forward or back. But I’ll find out.

Thank you, that was what I was inquiring about, I guess this will fall outside the GMP, lol. You would have thought they had all the sightlines figured out before contruction.

someone in the know – at the very top – the position of the north scoreboard will be approximately in the same spot. The current change is related to within the placement of the individual LED mods to enhance viewing of that same screen in same position.

So there is the specific answer related to taking down the board and putting it back up. Basically, it’s going to sharpen the high definition.

Appreciate you asking.

They are on time. Next four weeks are important to get plenty of dry days. If that happens, they will be completely enclosed and rolling. Lot of rain in next four weeks and it will get tight. Just normal rain, OK.

They said yesterday that Panasonic? was replacing the modules to correct some distortion and aspect problems.

Why is their a green dot (light) on the south ez scoreboard? It was on the screen last football season. After the A&M basketball game we went up to look at the new construction and even though the scoreboard was off, the green light (dot) was still there. Come on 2018 season. Way too much time to ponder stuff!!


They said yesterday that Panasonic? was replacing the modules to correct some distortion and aspect problems.

[/quote]JWright and I talked to Scott Varady after the Gym’backs meet on Friday night. He said that Panasonic was taking it down and repairing it (at no cost to the U of A). The problems with the Hog Screen were noticed soon after it was installed. They had no time to replace it before the season, so it is being done now.

It was a bad module. They have to swap them out at times. I hate it when I get a bad module.