For Matt Jones - TV schedules

I would like to suggest a daily post at the top, listing today’s schedule for viewing Razorback sports on TV. Kind of like listings on the Second Page of the ADG Sports section.

I kind of stumbled into Arkansas-A&M volleyball game last night.

If this is too much trouble, I understand.

pj, go check out the Arkansas Razorbacks App.

Right across the top is EVERY Razorback sporting event, with notes & viewing/listening/live-stats info for at least a full month out, continuously updated.

It’s my absolute, go-to source. :+1:


I also highly recommend the Razorback Brew. It’s a daily email and its awesome.

Here is a link:

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I do get this email. I just need to go head and subscribe, Thanks.

If you get the email, then you get the daily schedule.

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Thanks for the link. I just subscribed n

I tried 3 times typed in my email it said ok and got no response.

I got a Thank You response, Hopefully email will arrive tomorrow morning.

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