? For Matt and Clay

Do you guys think Luke Bonfield or Gates get picked in the draft?

Also what are the odds of Campbell, Rheindl and Loeske coming back next year?

The odds are high that Campbell returns. I think Loseke and Reindl are both iffy.

If Gates and Bonfield are drafted, it will be toward the end. Neither projects well.

I know there is a lot that goes into this type of decision, but I think, if they can get stronger and refine their game over the off-season, Campbell, Loseke, and Reindl all could make a lot more money next year. Campbell is unhittable sometimes and then below average at other times. If he can play consistently good for a season without those lapses, he could make some real money. JMVVVVHO.

seeing what has happened for Knight should show them the benefit of coming back and having a great season.

Part of Knight being taken so low last year was he told MLB clubs last year what his asking price was! He came back partly of his own doing. He should have went higher in this draft!