For LSU Fans, Payback Is A

And a Real pain in the …after getting beat by Troy last night. Welcome to our ULM moment when you all dogged on us AR fans.
Coach “One heartbeat” O better right the ship or this team will mail it in. And you’re stuck with him because your stupid AD has given him a sweet buyout package and is paying Les not to coach.
Couldn’t happen to a better bunch.

I was actually pulling for LSU because I hate the idea of an SEC team losing to a Sunbelt team. However, an upside of that loss is that it’s hard to get upset when LSU loses. I agree LSU might simply mail it in. They play Fla, Bama & AU before they play us. I expect them to lose all 3 of those games. We might get a win in Red Stick. I’ll take that even if the LSU team we play is one that’s quit–or has any other kind of problem it might have.

As for Coach O, I kinda feel sort of sorry for him. He seems like a standup guy, but now in his first season as HC he’s already on the hot seat. OTOH, I’m very happy that LSU might have some longterm problems. I’d love for them to move down the SEC ladder. Might give us a shot at moving ahead of them.

Ole Miss looks to be in the same shape. They got beat so badly by Bama that I can’t imagine Luke getting that “interim” taken off his title. However, I don’t want to crow too much about that because Bama might beat us just as badly. It does make me feel a bit more optimistic about a win against OM. The bad loss MSU took against AU makes me a bit more optimistic about a win there, too.

I’d just like to keep it competitive against Bama & AU.