For JacksonReid

His lawyers really should not be able to fight this. If there is not a contractual venue provision in Bielema’s contract, then the UA Foundation lawyers are even worse than I thought. I bet there is. Those hold up. Plus, procedural venue rules or FNC rules will get the case back to Washington County anyway, and very doubtful any court in Boston would have any personal jurisdiction over the Foundation. And to be safe, someone should think about filing a dec action now in Washington County. First to file means something in this world. Anchor venue in Washington County to remove any doubt.


Are your sources hinting at anything similar to what RicePig is hearing?

Please be true…

If this is true, sounds like the RF’s move is a hardball gambit to persuade the Pride of Prophetsville to negotiate a settlement. Does Bielema really want to have his personal life/habits put on display for prospective employers to see? I doubt it.

I hope this is indeed true - a little hardball is in order after the fleecing perpetuated by Jeffie and the New England DC ( in his own mind).

I still can’t figure out how we got fleeced that badly to begin with. Really something. I agree, though. It’d be great to just shut it down and not pay Bielema any more.