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Update on your favorite AD

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Mr. Intregraity has struck again:grinning: hehehe

It looks like he is 2 faced! Tell the man he is getting fired and will get his buyout and then plan to find a way to uncover dirt to get out of paying the buyout! I think there should be a way for Arkansas to use this as unethical conduct and get out of paying Long’s buyout!

Between him and Bert …oops Bret… you have enough integrity to fill a thimble.


We aren’t paying Long’s buyout, haven’t since he took the KU job.

and many were/are ticked off JL was terminated???

Long suddenly became a defender of the school’s best interest after letting his buddy walk away not only with the key, but carrying the vault. What happens if Kansas fires Long to save face, does his buyout pick back up from Arkansas?

Good. Would the hogs still have to pay him if he got fired at Kansas?

Thank God the answer is no. Unfortunately, big mouthed Bret did not get the New England DC gig he bragged about so we’re still on the hook for his ludicrous buyout.

You might want to check if he got his March 1st check from the RF, I was told we’re giving him the “Beatty” treatment.

WHOA!!! How could that be done though? Was something discovered after his departure that RF attorneys deem to be a breach of his separation agreement?

Think about what some say his biggest problem here was, think about the possibility it’s kept him from getting those jobs? It’ll be interesting if my source is correct, for sure.

Other schools didn’t want to hire him because he is a yankee? Makes sense.

Aren’t the Patriots Yankees??? I don’t think that was his problem, here…

AHHHHH I didn’t read far enough back. I thought we were still talking about the former AD. I was just joking about that though.

Your last reply makes a lot more sense now.

Second page, it’s mandatory to change subjects, lol.

You’ve gotta keep your head on a swivel in these parts.


Both Jeff Long and Brett Bielema are ridiculous and I cannot fathom how we let Long, especially, run this athletic program into the ground to the extent he did. Bielema is just a joke, regardless of his Big 10 championships and all. An utter joke. But Long and anyone that allowed that Bielema contract to be signed should be heavily criticized. In fact, the University or Foundation ought to go ahead and quit paying Bielema and force Bielema to litigate in Washington County. Accumulate as many fact issues about contract performance/breach as possible and let a jury decide whether that idiot deserves any more money. It’d be great theater. I bet the Hog fans on the jury won’t give that fool any more money. And if it boils down to contract interpretation as a legal matter, let’s see if a Washington County trial judge (who is elected) dares rule Bielema is owed money. I bet that doesn’t happen either.

You think Bielema’s lawyers are going to let a court case be decided in Washington County, I seriously doubt it, lol.