For Gas... Dunks and Specialty Stats


Got to say that Points per Possession is amazing for a road game!!


80+ will travel well.


Just realized. You cannot have 66 possessions for one team and 73 for the other. It doesn’t work like that.

The only way to get an accurate count is to go through the video and count, and I am not going to do that. But the Pomeroy possession estimate formula works pretty well. FGA (51) minus offensive rebounds (6), plus turnovers (11), plus 47.5% of FTA (24, so rounds off to 12) gives 68 possessions. So it’s the Kentucky count that is off. But doing the same calculation for them gives 72, which still makes no sense.

And-ones skew that to some extent because it’s a free throw that isn’t an extra possession (that possession was captured by the shot that went in), and technical/intentional fouls do the same (2 FTs plus possession). We had both last night. Fouled while shooting 3s moves it in the other direction, but we didn’t have any of those last night.

The official box sometimes includes a shot chart, sometimes not. This one includes it and it’s interesting. Hogs shot 75 percent immediately around the basket and 61 percent in the rest of the lane. UK shot 61% down low and 27% in the lane. And we got 33 shots in the lane to 29 for the Jellycats.

Also, we didn’t take many 3s, but the ones we did take were effective (4 of 9)

Shot chart is page 14.

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