For Gas... Dunk Stats


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Interesting stuff…where do you find that boxscore?

There are several tabs you can choose from… split box, home team, visit team, play by play, etc… its just a matter of looking through all the stuff to find what you want.

That particular image is cut from both the Home stats (arkansas) and the Visit stats (missouri) and then I pasted them together in an editor and added the highlight bar for Gas since he is Dunk Obsessed. :slight_smile:

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Scratching my head trying to figure out how MIZ was tied once, but AR had 0 ties. Who was MIZ tied with if it wasn’t AR? :face_with_monocle: :rofl:

Sometimes typos are more fun than getting things right. :smiley:

Not picking at you Votan! Good stuff as always.

(I assume the Times Tied was not intended to be “Held Balls”.)

I’m starting to doubt the live stats. There was definitely a tie (46-46 I think) and I’m pretty sure Misery had 3 dunks, including the one at the final buzzer. And we’ve noted some dunks they missed earlier in the season.

I believe the last basket (dunk) was waved off and did not count.

Yes it was… the dunk at the end was disallowed.

OK. TV score box indicated it counted and I didn’t check the PBP.