For Gas... Dunk and Specialty Stats

Naturally I highlighted the Dunks for Gas.

I also highlighted the 2 stats that let the Aggies stay in the game and almost beat us.


Screw the dunks. I wanna win.
Personally sick of the dunk count.

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I really don’t care one way or the other for the dunk stats. I will say it does help energize the crowd and the team in a game though so won’t discount its impact there.

I’ve always been more concerned with turnovers, rebounds, and free throws. Things that should travel well and help you win on the road.

Turnovers, rebounds, and FT’s are still a problem for us…as are fouls.

That is why I don’t give a s$%t about a dunk count.

You should care, we only had 2. That’s a problem.

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I love the dunk count, Jeremy
This is an athletic team that can straight throw down

It’s a lot of fun

Council’s dunk was top 10 material…

I love it too…when we win.
Gotta keep doing that.


Neither team did very well on the defensive glass, and the Ags were only +4 on second chance points. Turnovers were more problematic, and they were +8 on POT.

Ags couldn’t make layups either, to which 13 blocked shots contributed mightily.

There was a great deal of complaining about how we “took our foot off the gas” in the second half. I calculated the number of possessions (I borrowed a formula Ken Pomeroy uses to estimate tempo for his site). We had 33 estimated possessions in the first half, 38 in the second half. That does not sound like taking our foot off the gas, which was what I observed during the game.

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I’m still kind of in disbelief that A&M finished 15 of 39 on layup attempts. Twenty-four misses around the rim is an enormous number.

2 is a lot of missed layups. 24 is just… I don’t know.

“15 of 39” - They experienced PTBRD (Post Traumatic Bus Ride Disorder)!! WPS!!!

Votan, excellent stats, keep it up. Dunks are fun, and many of the other stats are insightful in analyzing the game.

We blocked 13 and altered a few more, but still that’s a lot.

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