For Elmo

Here is what I got from your post to me. You don’t have it both ways. Never said someone could not like CM, and that 99% of the people on here are great. Merit, Who in the West of the SEC would have hired CM? Recruiting is not good as a whole. Getting a couple of flips is good. DL is OK. LB is not and is a critical position. With an awful record from last year, a questionable and inexperienced coach, and a system that does not translate to the NFL hurts recruiting. NOW IT IS MY TURN. Depending on the circumstances, Missouri, MSU, OM might have hired him. I think recruiting is going really good with the possible exception of OL, and I think it will be fine by the end of recruiting. The DL recruiting is outstanding not just OK. I think they will have 2 or 3 LB that will commit, and we will be fine there. You are right that our record last year makes it hard on recruiting. I think our Head Coach and his assistants have done a great job in overcoming this. We tried running more of a pro system in the past, and it didn’t work out too well. WE are now running a more wide open offense that most of the HS run and what many of the more successfully D-1 teams run.


Ok. Well those other schools didn’t even interview the guy. If they did, let me know and I will stand corrected. And OM ahead of us in recruiting(number of players - I get that), and MSU is way ahead, in terms of number, but with seven 4 star players. But the MS schools have really gotten the bulk of their in state talent as well. They may end up with some of the AR players too… But there are only 3 teams below us in the SEC in terms of composite score(KY, Vandy, MO), regardless of number of players. OM is basically tied on score. So there is a LOT of work that needs to be done. 10th-11th in the SEC will not get it done.

I think that they are working hard too, but, I FEEL the sell job based on their system and the HC record is a negative. Plus being picked last in the SEC doesn’t help. All these kids talk to each other. They all know. So much smarter today then us old guys were at 18. Just because they like a coach, doesn’t mean they wanna come here. I have always said that CM is a likable guy. But so was BB.

Running this offense just puts more pressure on our D, which was the problem for the last 3 seasons. We had no problem scoring points.

And let me make this clear one last time. If all this turns out to be the best thing ever seen at Hogs, I will say I was wrong, and eat crow, a hat, whatever. I just want us to be winning more games, and gain some respectability back. Our program has been set back ever since BP ran off in that ditch.

Not going to answer your post because you didn’t use active listening. You did not restate what I said in my post before you started giving your side or rebuttal. Try again.

No, Ole Miss and Mizzou both settled for easy hires on staff, because both had some issues with their program or school, but if one cannot see that on paper Morris is a stronger hire than either of these, they are either very closed minded or not follow football that closely. Morehead at State is thought to be a good hire, but I can’t see that his resume is any better and he does not have the Texas connection so important for program building at Arkansas.

Coming back and admitting being wrong, if Morris disproves your never ending criticism, may be fine for you and others. To me it seems a possible miscalculation of the importance of your opinion and input to the board. For me, I would be happier if you would just cool your jets on tarring, feathering and running Coach Morris out of town, at least until he losses his first game. Thoughtful presentation of different opinions are fun, repetitive and unending criticisms, not so much.

Thanks, I needed that.