For Dudley

Give me your opinion on what the Cardinals have done so for this off season. Looks like they are still going after a closer.

I like the moves so far, but have to get a couple more done.

I love Ozuna in left, Pham in center and Fowler in right

I like the pickups of Gregorson for the 7th-8th and Miles Mikolas as a fourth-fifth starter.

Need to add either a third baseman or first baseman and the closer.

I would certainly take the Rays offer of of the starter Chris Archer, closer Alex Coleme, and 3rd baseman Evan Longoria for Grichuk or another outfielder and some prospects.

Would love to have Wade Davis as the closer and Josh Donaldson if that fell through.

And would love to add Manny Machado and Zach Britton from Baltimore, but not unless Machado agreed to an extension. The one-year rental for what he would cost would be tough.


Was at the 9th grade Benton basketball game the other night and a young man, number 25 there jumped out of the gym. Tall, quick and athletic. multiple dunks, steals, etc. Is this young man on the recruiting radar?


It’s going to take quite a bit to get Archer, Colome, and Longoria. Proabably Reyes, Carson Kelly, 2 of the OF Prospects and at least 2 more top 10 Prospects. I would expect at least 4-5 of the top 10 Prospects would have to go plus a current Major Leaguer.

I Heart Machado.

No idea, but I will check on it

No way they trade Reyes. Nobody they’ve looked at is worth him.

They have several OF and a few pitching prospects to offer.