? For Dudley bout Celtics

Are the Celtics gonna get A.D. From the Pelicans?

Not DD but no. LA bound more than likely. He is under contract so it will be a trade. Boston has the most to offer but how much do you give up. Kyrie may be gone too. Maybe as a Sixer fan I just don’t want him in Boston :lol:

Better chance now than there was before the trade deadline, but it is not something I am counting on happening

I also expect Kyrie to probably bolt

We’ll see

I became a Celtics fan in 1960 when I was 13, no games during the week but come Sunday & the play offs/championship time came around they ruled the NBA & TV, love the kelly green and white.

I’m also a Celtic fan from the first time I saw an NBA game in 1960 and saw the Celtics. I am expecting Kyrie to bolt to the Lakers to get back with Lebron. But, I don’t care as I think the C’s play better without Kyrie most of the time. They made a pretty good run last year without him.