? For Clay

With regards to Bonnin, Ramage and Bolden what are your thoughts on these guys for next year?
With Campbell and possibly McKinney next year?

I think Bonnin and Ramage are going to be really good before their careers are over. I think both could be in the mix for starting time next year, either in the midweek or weekend.

I think the verdict is out on Bolden, but I have heard good things about him from recent practices.

Campbell is probably coming back, but he won’t say one way or the other. I asked him about the other night. He’ll be the Friday starter if he comes back.

There is no way to know yet whether McKinney will factor into next year’s plans.

Matt, do you think Cronin will be an option to be a weekend starter or remain as closer next year?

I’m not sure. They toyed with the idea of making him a starter in the fall, but ultimately it was decided he was better on the back end. I think he needs to develop a good third pitch to be a starter. Right now he is fastball and breaker, which is fine when you only see batters once and the velocity is elite.

You are exactly right. His velo is elite and as long as he stays healthy he has a very good chance to make the big leagues as at least a left handed specialist out of the bullpen. If he could develop a nasty changeup he could be a very good starter.