for Clay or Matt. Is he CJ or Cheyenne

seems like he was MIA without a known reason. Is he in the doghouse or gone? No injury reported yet according to Matt he was not on the field last night along with a few others. Is that something that will have to wait until PC to find out? Dorian Gerald??

so far someone we cannot count on. gotta do it everyday not just on game day…seems to stay in doghouse.

Greenlaw publicly said he won’t go to class or come to workouts …he’s a junior so he’s had plenty of time to get his act together but won’t do it.

I’d process him out of the program pronto.

He might be better suited for a school in Colorado

He would probably change his name to “Che” in Colorado…

Young Mr. O’Grady should take a good look at our old friend Korliss’s Marshall plan if he wants to see where the road he is on leads. He could have a future similar to Hunter Henry’s or a future similar to Korliss Marshall’s. I wonder which he will pick?

I would say he is near the end of the line, but he’ll get a second chance with the new staff.

I do agree with Coach Morris holding him out for these two weeks.

It seems like O’Grady had some of the same issues under the old staff. Some players have taken advantage of the fresh start, but it doesn’t appear he has.

any injury?

EDIT: My original response was about O’Grady. I now see you mean Gerald. He has an ankle injury.