For Clay - golf related

Clay….maybe you already do something like this but have you ever thought of putting on a fun golf event in Northwest Arkansas? Maybe an event for folks that are part of the forums/wholehogsports? You are so loved and well known by EVERYONE that I would think it would be a great turnout. Just spitballing here. Something to raise funds for a great cause? It would be awesome to get the chance to meet you and RD, DD, Scottie and others in person.


Will think on this. There is merit.


We had a Foundation entity called the Webhogs several years ago. The main event each year was the Orville Henry Golf Tournament. Although the main guy heading it up, Scott I think was his name from the Ft. Smith area, has passed, there’s probably still some people around who are knowledgeable of putting on tournaments. It’s a lot of work.

Back then, the Foundation had a limit of $10,000 from events to be chartered. That was a lot of pressure, putting on a tournament and making that much money for them. When the guy in Ft. Smith died, that pretty much ended putting on a tournament. Your idea of Clay being a headliner has merit. But it is a lot of work.

Great idea.

That event would be impossible to recreate. Massive work load, but good concept.

Awesome…hope it can happen!

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