For Briles Offense to Thrive

In the SEC, we’ve got to have a true dual threat QB that is dangerous as both passer and runner. Several times today those Franks runs that went for 2 yards could’ve been 7-10 or more with more speed. I’m glad we have Felipe this year to run this offense and help us, but he’s slow. Hoping the kid from Texas is learning the offense this year as he watches and practices.
And of course our OL needs to develop and get stronger, which helps any offense.

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I’m not giving up on Jefferson. He has a lot of talent. Hopefully this coaching staff can bring it out.

But I like the Texas kid too.

I think Franks would have been much more effective if he had committed to the run and taken off with more intensity. His hesitation cost him over and over. Not saying he should have lots of called run plays, but if the play has broken down or people are covered, then he should GO.

In the last few minutes he had a nice run where he didn’t hesitate at all.

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If Briles can only make his O work with dual threat 5 star athletes, we need re think O immediately.

Would start with eliminating all the motion in backfield that seems only to confuse ourselves.

I’m also glad Franks is here, and I love his interviews. he could easily end up a coach, or attorney, or successful business guy, or whatever else he puts his mind to.

But he can be slow to make decisions and is just not a good runner. It will be fun if Briles is here long enough for our OL to mature and have a true dual threat QB ready to play. It’d be great if that was next year, before Burks goes to the NFL.

PS-if my count is correct, did our defense have as many INT’s today, as the did all of last season??!!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!!?!? Crazy defensive turnaround.


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Frank’s spends most of his time getting everybody in position and communicating the assignments at the LOS. Before he even starts to assess the defense. Good thing we have somebody of that caliber to run the offense.


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