For anyone who watched a Hog Hoops Friday,

What did you think of Gabe O?

I was pleasantly surprised. He looked more aggressive and confident. I think he’ll play a lot and be an asset to the team this year- better than Dustin Thomas.

Yeah, Gabe clearly is a great “energy guy”. He has a very different skill set than Dustin did, but by the time SEC play starts, he can become just as important to the team. Dustin, his last year, had developed a decent mid-range shot that Gabe doesn’t have yet. Gabe is already a better rebounder and defender than Dustin was though. Gabe just needs to learn to play within his primary skill set a little better, but without losing his “energy”. He tends to take occasional bad shots, and tries to drive to the basket when there’s not really a driving lane. He’s made great progress since this time last year, and, as the season goes on, I bet he will continue his improvement.

Good post and spot on.

Agree with HarleyHawgidson. When Gabe checked into the game on Friday it seemed to me, and probably a lot of people, that he was very determined to score. I think he shot or went to the rim on his first 5 touches. I asked Mike about that after the game, too, and he said he thinks Gabe is just eager to show people he has progressed offensively. All of the things he did last season are still very much in his repertoire. He rebounded well and even took a charge Friday. Staying within himself on offense is the key, I think.

At times he is still a bull in a china shop, but has made progress.

My brother said, “Does he think he is the only guy on the floor?” LOL

He is going to have games when his aggressiveness will be a positive, and other times where it will lead to turnovers and bad shots.

I’m impressed with the work he has done on his body. He is the same height as Ethan Henderson with about 30 more lbs of muscle. Pretty good/comfortable with the dribble, but can over dribble at times.

Will be a helluva player by the time he is a senior.