For anyone who knows

When will we know who the silent decommit is? I wouldn’t be surprised if we lose another within the time from now and signing day due to the performance we just watched or lack there of. Thanks to whoever can answer, WPS

It was that one player

My money is on the DE from Katy.

Richard and I are not sure as of yet, but are working to find out.

I don’t think - in my discussions with the recruits - that there will be anybody that jumped ship.

Unlike what most fans and media will opine, the recruits are committed to the coaches

I guess there could be somebody who is committed to any coaches that are let go that could change things, but that is just speculation at this point.

Sorry but this is a tad confusing, no one has jumped ship but we are down to 19 commits? And right I assume that one may be partial to a certain coach and told that a certain coach will not be here much longer, I’ve figured that may be the situation.

I asked Coach B a question on the SEC Teleconference Wednesday about having 20 commitments.

He said that was one more than he had.

Richard and I went through the normal channels to confirm that was true and were told by multiple sources it was.

But they also did not want to tell us which kid it was - for that kid.

We are still trying to find out.

It will obviously come out sooner than later.

Right, that’s what I was getting at, as to when and hopefully not someone like brown. Thanks DD

No, that is definitely not the situation.

We’ll know when they don’t go by to see them this week.

I’m hearing the same thing Squealed…

Better to know now than 3/4 weeks from now, no matter who it is we have to find someone else and move on. No one wants this to happen but it does nation wide and it’s part of the recruiting process especially when dealing with possible coaching changes,dismal play and teenagers! WPS

It was Anderson, he’s now committed to OM.